Did you install an elegant carpet for your living room? Good quality and uniquely designed carpet might've caused you quite a lot. How would you feel if you see ripples throughout the same? Many reasons cause the same. While buying carpets in Reigate, professional fitters will give you a tip on the same. As much as you try to straighten them, you'll fail.

Although a few hacks can stop the crease from occurring, not all wrinkles can be avoided. Rather than racking your brains, read on to know the common reasons behind such situations.

1. Hot weather conditions
Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of carpets. When the heat is high, the humidity in the weather causes the carpets to buckle. To reduce the same, you can keep your air conditioners switched on during the high humid climates. You can also try using a dehumidifier that draws up the excess moisture from the air.

2. Wet carpet conditions
If your carpet is wet, then the carpets can wrinkle. A carpet can get wet due to several reasons. You might've accidentally spilt water on the same. After washing the carpet, remember to dry the same effect before reinstalling it. Moisture in the carpet can cause it to stretch and result in the formation of wrinkles.

3. Incorrect installation

Don't opt for a DIY carpet installation process. You might not be able to adhere to the technicalities. Incorrect installation will result in ripples formation in the carpet. Hire a professional who will install the carpet successfully. The carpet needs to be stretched tightly and secured at different corners of the house using strips. This is not possible for a novice person; hence, an inappropriate installation will eventually damage the carpet.

4. Dragging of heavy furniture pieces

Ensure that you fix the furniture pieces in the desired locations before installing the carpet on the floor. Dragging of heavy pieces of equipment and furniture will result in ripples and tears on the carpets. In case you need to move any item afterwards, kindly try to lift the pieces. This will help in avoiding any damage to the carpet. You can also use plywood sheets for the same. Place the sheets on the floor over the carpet and move the items.

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