One of the primary benefits people staying in Reigate can enjoy is that they can choose from a wide variety of carpets. There are numerous carpet suppliers scattered all over the town and choosing the best among them is indeed a daunting task. Look for someone experienced and their experts will tell you from where you can start making a selection.

Though the quality, fibre and thickness of the floor covering matters, the design is one of the vital things you should definitely consider. You can either opt for plain or patterned carpets. Though both the designs are visually appealing, it is always advisable to choose one which matches your home decor.

The Popularity of Plain Carpets

Though plain carpets have been used for years, their demand is always quite high. They can easily add a subtle touch to any room, irrespective of its size. They allow the furniture and furnishings in your room to take the centre stage. Just make sure to choose the colour of your carpets wisely as the light shades can highlight the stains and spots in your plain carpet very easily.

If you are planning to place it in an area with heavy traffic, opt for something which can be easily cleaned without harming its fabric or colour. The best is to opt for plain carpets in neutral shades as you can easily use them to reflect the colour scheme of your room. They look really good on various themes. If you are looking for a floor covering which is comfortable and has a minimal impact, plain carpets would be the best choice.

About Patterned Carpets

Just install patterned carpets in Reigate and creating a dramatic effect on your room will become easier. Whether your room will look large, small or traditional is entirely dependent on the pattern and colour you are opting for. Few vital things you need to consider when choosing the design of your patterned carpets are the size of your room, the furniture and furnishings in it and the amount of natural light entering your rooms.

Benefit of Opting For Patterned Carpets

Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for patterned carpets as they can make any room appear wider and elongated by creating an optical illusion. The only thing you need to consider is the way they run. If you want them to add a modern touch to your rooms, make sure that there are no stripes featured on the furnishings and walls. While dramatic and bold patterns draw the attention of the visitors on the floor, the subtle ones can easily complement the other patterns in your room. Neither are their patterns distracting nor do their colours clash.

Mix and Match

If you are still confused whether you should opt for plain or patterned carpets, just mix and match them. A majority of the carpet suppliers in Reigate let their customers choose from a wide variety of ‘mix and match’ ranges. You can install stripped carpet in the stairway and the plain variety in the living room. Since your knowledge about plain and patterned carpets has enhanced, it’s time you choose one or both of them and enhance the visual appeal of your rooms.

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