Though you can choose from a wide variety of flooring for your residential property, Amtico floors have gained much popularity in the last few years. They are made with high-quality vinyl which makes them a luxurious flooring option in the market. They provide high durability and create some realistic effects. Homeowners in Cobham prefer installing amtico flooring as they offer easy maintenance. You have to follow few cleaning and maintenance tips depending on the type of floor you are installing.

Few Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Amtico Flooring

1. Keep The Surface Protected From Scratches And Dents

Amtico floors have a unique surface coating. Not only does it makes the flooring option tough but also keeps it protected from scratches and dents. If you have recently installed a new floor, it is your responsibility to protect it from high heels and heavy furniture. You have to follow few tips to keep away dents and scratches. When moving heavy furniture, use protective felt feet. It will prevent the floor from getting scratched. It will also reduce the chances of forming dents. Flooring experts also advise distributing the weight evenly when moving heavy furniture.

2. Remove Dirt And Dust

Install high-quality amtico floors or carpets in Cobham and you will realise that keeping them clean is an easy task. You can prevent dirt and dust from accumulating by sweeping the floor every day. If you don’t want to move or sweep the dust across the floor, give it a daily vacuum. You can also reduce the amount of dirt and dust entering your rooms by using entrance mats. But sweeping and vacuuming the floor every day isn’t sufficient, you should also mop them at least once a week. You might have to mop them more frequently if the floor is exposed to more foot traffic.

3. Deep Clean It Once A Year

Though you don’t have to worry about the appeal of amtico flooring if you have installed it recently, it requires a deep clean once a year. Your flooring manufacturer can suggest a suitable deep cleaning solution to maintain the brand-new look of the floor. The deeply ingrained dirt can be removed using a floorcare stripper. Rinse off the stripper after 10 minutes. You can give the floors a beautiful fresh look by using the brand’s Floorcare Dressing after the floor has dried.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and get in touch with the flooring experts at Floored Again and you can clean and maintain Amtico flooring with ease.