Though numerous carpet suppliers are scattered all over Reigate, choosing the right carpet is always a challenge for homeowners in Reigate. You have to choose a colour or style which matches the rest of your property. Few vital things you should consider when buying carpets are material, location, construction and upkeep. Carpets manufacturers prefer floor coverings that look great, valuable and easy to maintain.

One of the vital things you should consider is carpet fiber. The material you are choosing will impact the appearance and performance of your carpet. Most homeowners prefer soft carpet fibers, which offer a cushion underfoot and are comfortable. It should also be capable of suppressing noise. Instead of choosing any random fiber, you should know more about them before buying the best carpet within your budget.

Buying Carpets in Reigate? Choose From The Fibers Stated Below

1. Wool
If you are looking for soft floor coverings, choose wool as the material has retained its legacy and luxury even after all these years. The material is natural and has a woven construction. You have the flexibility to choose the detail, design and colour. Though you can also choose the traditional tufted carpets, wool is more versatile. The material has good stain resistance, but you should treat the carpet with extra care. Wipe and clean it immediately if something falls on it accidentally.

2. Nylon
Nylon is as popular as wool but offers a better feel and performance. You can install nylon carpets at half the cost of woollen carpets. The fiber is quite versatile and you can choose from a wide variety of construction and sizes. Few of the common types of nylon carpets are textured, shag, loop cut loop and frieze. The material has superior colourfastness, resilience and soil resistance. It can bounce back, making it suitable for various types of rooms. Old nylon carpets can be recycled into new carpets.

3. Polypropylene
Though polypropylene carpets are not so common, they offer numerous benefits. Earlier, it was known as olefin. It is a solution-dyed synthetic and has good stain and water-resistant qualities.

They are ideal for outdoor and indoor carpeting. You don’t have to worry about the colour of your floor covering fading as the material is solution-dyed. You can install them in a room that gets a lot of traffic with complete peace of mind.