Do you wish to add acoustic protection and warmth to your bedroom? Thinking of installing soft flooring in the room, that’s all about relaxation? If so, investing in premium quality carpets in Reigate can be an informed home improvement decision. Trust us; there’s nothing more wonderful than waking up to plush, velvety carpeting in the morning.

For most people, the bedroom is a sanctuary – a place where they escape to after a hectic day and rejuvenate themselves. Most homeowners agree to the fact that nothing’s more relaxing than the feel of luxurious and soft carpeting underfoot. In fact, unlike the living room or hallway, where practicality is the topmost concern, low-traffic bedroom lets you choose sophisticated materials. But, how do you select the right carpet for your home?
Here’re a few useful tips to help you choose the ideal bedroom carpet.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Carpets For Your Bedroom

1. Pick The Right Colour
One of the foremost considerations to keep in mind is being aware of the latest colour trends. You need to choose a carpet colour which links to the rest of the colour palette of your bedroom. Also, it should complement the other textual elements of your room. Consider your wall colours, window treatments, furniture style and also the bedding. Experts advise that you should also know the shades which are dominating carpet choices nowadays.

2. Consider Pile Types
You need to think about the pile type which suits your home décor and lifestyle. Ask yourself what kind of look you want your bedroom to achieve. For example, if you have a textured room scheme, a loop or textured carpeting can be ideal. And, if you have pets that often come into your bedroom, look for pile types where their claws don’t get caught.

3. Pay Attention To Pile Height
This is another key consideration to keep in mind when looking for bedroom carpets. When selecting a carpet, pay attention to pile height and density too. If you wish to have luxurious ambience, opt for a long, plush pile carpet. Keep in mind that tighter, shorter piles are hard-wearing and will show less indentation and wear.

4. Decide On The Materials
When it comes to bedroom carpets in Reigate, there are numerous materials to choose from. These include nylon, wood, wood-nylon blends and luxurious options like alpaca and wood-silk blends. For luxury, softness and graceful ageing, it is hard to beat pure wool carpet. Besides its natural, sustainable and insulating properties, even woollen carpeting is easy to maintain.

5. Do Your Homework Thoroughly
With the availability of so many options, selecting the right carpet style can be quite challenging. However, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. It’s a great idea to take along the images of the look you wish to create to the experts. Also, take photos of the colours and materials which you’ve chosen for your room. And, once you narrow down your options, take home samples so that you can see what they look at various times of the day.

Time to install a high-quality carpet in your bedroom!