Carpet installation is an essential element. If you think you can choose a soft and comfortable carpet to match with the interiors of the house, then you must settle for a professional to install the same. Remember installation is a crucial component if you want to make carpet flooring a success. If the carpet is not fitted properly at different corners of the floor, you might experience wrinkles and squeaky floors with time and footfall traffic. Always hire a professional for fitting carpets in Dorking. They know the way out and can easily fix the same without hassles. If you want to install a perfect carpet floor, then make sure that you approach a professional.

Here are a few reasons that might result in squeaky floors.

4 Reasons Behind Poor Squeaky Carpet Floors

1. Inaccurately Installed Subfloor
Subfloors are the layer beneath the carpet floors. The layers are generally plywood, hardwood, or even OSB board. The wood planks are fixed with each other using nails and screws. However, if the same is not fixed effectively, then there's a high chance that the subfloor might get squeaky when you place a carpet on the same. Subfloors are the base of the carpet floor; hence, you must ensure that the subfloors have been installed effectively to prevent the carpets from wrinkling.

2. Extreme Hot Weather Conditions
Sometimes if you're living under extreme hot weather conditions, there's a high chance that the planks might shrink and create gaps that might rub together and cause certain squeaking noises in the floors. Similarly, under cold winters, the floors might shrink. The carpet placed on the top of the same gets affected as well. This situation cannot be prevented entirely, even by professional carpet fitters.

3. Poor Installation Techniques
Subfloors are generally attached either using glue or nails. You must fix and construct the subfloor efficiently so that when you lay the carpet on the top, there's no effect on the carpet. Thus hiring professionals for the subfloor construction is necessary so that the glue adheres well. Otherwise, the carpet will not be set properly.

4. Use of Wrong Padding
It is essential to install additional padding below the carpet floor to ensure that the carpet stays in place. Padding provides an extra cushion to the carpets and helps extend the life of the carpet floor.

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