Though there are numerous carpet fitters scattered all over Dorking, one of the most challenging task for homeowners is to choose suitable carpet colour. Carpet suppliers offer them in a wide variety of designs, styles and colours which makes people more confused. Choosing any random design or colour is not a wise thing to do. The colours around us have a physiological impact on our mind. If you want to install carpets which will uplift your mood and help you feel more relaxed, know the common carpet colours and what do they indicate.

4 Common Carpet Colours And What Do They Indicate

1. Red

Red is a stimulating colour which can evoke various emotions on a person’s mind. According to a survey conducted recently, people with a red carpet installed in their house shows physical signs of stimulation. Even if they don’t feel stimulated, their heartbeat and breathing might increase slightly. Few common emotions red can trigger are war, love and hunger. Visit a reputed company offering flooring installation in Dorking and buy a red carpet for your dining room.

2. Green

Green is one of the colours which is often associated with life and money. True and lighter shades of green indicate health, nature and renewal. Carpet fitters generally advise customers to avoid dark green and yellow-green carpets as they symbolise greed, jealousy and sickness. If you want the carpets in your house to render a more refreshing and natural vibe, choose lighter greens.

3. Orange

Though the intensity of orange is very similar to red, the former is known for creating a welcoming, energetic and warm vibe. One of the primary benefits of visiting Floored Again to buy carpets is that you can choose from different shades of orange carpets with different meanings. True orange is a fun colour and suitable for your child’s room or the entertainment room. Darker shades of orange look good in the dining room.

4. Blue

Blue is one of the most preferred carpet colours as it is very soothing and represents the sea and sky. Few shades of blue even symbolise trust, loyalty and wisdom. When compared with red, blue has a soothing and calming effect on our mind instead of stimulating it. It slows our metabolism and benefits both our mind and body.

Since you are now aware of the common carpet colours and what do they indicate, it’s time you start looking for a flooring installation and supply company.