Visit any reputable carpet supplier in Horsham, and they will let you choose from a wide variety of carpet colours. Instead of choosing any random colour for the carpet in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway, know the importance of each colour scheme. It is advisable that you consider the wall colour so that the carpet colour you are choosing can improve the room’s ambience. The right carpet will give it the right style and decor.

Buying Carpets? Know The Common Colour Options

1. Rich Colours

The demand for carpets in rich colours is always quite high, especially the dark navy blue rugs. You can also try other deep and dark shades like deep red or maroon. Not only do these colours stand out but they also render a general aura to space. Dark coloured carpets also look great with white or lighter shade walls. Darker shades are the best if you have kids at home, making a mess all the time.

2. Contrasting Shades

Want to render your rooms a unique look? You can create a beautiful contrast by blending soft and muted shades. Buy rugs with contrasting hues in a room with orange, yellow or red wall colours, and the room will get a balanced look. It is not just about the wall colour, you can also consider the colour of the furniture and choose rugs in contrasting shades.

3. Cool Colours

You can create a calming aura in any of the rooms in your house by buying carpets in cool colours. The shade can tone down the loud colour of the walls so that your nerves don’t feel exhausted all the time. Bright yellow, red, and green are a few of the colours which can make you feel overwhelmed after a hectic day. The right carpet colours can also make you feel stress-free.

4. Light Colours

The demand for light colour carpets is also quite high as interior designers widely prefer them. They are ideal for small spaces as light coloured carpets can make your living room appear larger. Complement the dark walls in your room with light rug colors, and you can make the floor covering stand out in a good way.

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