Know More About Patterned Carpets Before Buying One

Choosing new flooring for your home or office is challenging for every homeowner. You have to choose between hard surfaces and carpets. Homeowners widely prefer the latter as it captures particles and dust mites circulating through the air. They are the safest flooring option if you have pets or children in your family. Visit a reputable carpet shop and you can choose from a wide variety of flooring options. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for patterned carpets as they can match any type of home decor and offer numerous practical benefits.

What Do You Mean By Patterned Carpets?

Patterned carpets are floor covering with a wide variety of patterns in the design. Some carpet suppliers even customise the design depending on the style of cut or length of yarn you choose. Some patterned carpets have a bold outlook with numerous designs and colours. They are ideal for formal and contemporary settings. You can either choose a pattern created distinctly by colours or one which is finely incorporated into the yarn.

Two Common Carpet Patterns You Can Choose From

• Yarn-Style Patterns

Yarn-style carpet patterns are made by mixing cut yarn with higher pile loops or looped yarn with lower pile loops. This pattern is also known as textured carpet and helps create patterns with repetitive nature. Choose abstract designs or geometric shapes if you want the floor covering to have a unique look. The pattern will become more obvious if you choose different shades of yarn from the same colour family.

• Dyed Patterns

If you plan to buy dyed patterned carpets in Horsham, choose contrasting colour patterns, and your floor covering will get a striking look. Few common types of patterns you can choose from are circles, bold swirls and swiss dots. If you like natural designs, include grasses, leaves, or flowers, they can do wonders. You can even include geometric patterns like stripes, checks, plaids, parallelograms or circles. Your carpet will get a repetitive abstract shape if you choose bold yarn colours.

Since you can choose from so many designs options when buying patterned carpets, it’s time you get in touch with the flooring experts at Floored Again. They will understand your flooring needs and suggest the right product.