Beautiful and plush carpets always increase the aesthetical value of your property, and make the floors safe for kids and older adults. Carpets improve the life of your flooring material as well. However, a slight mistake in the installation process can create a big issue for your household.

Improper installation of floor covering is a common household mistake that you can see in Reigate. Often people make these mistakes because of lack of knowledge. There are certain procedures for installing or fitting carpets.

Before you buy a new carpet for your home, you must be aware of these mistakes and know how to avoid them.

Not Knowing the Types of Carpet Your Home Needs

Different home needs floor covers made of different materials. Some homes are perfect for having woollen carpets while others must have synthetic fibres like nylon. It is required to know the right type of material your rug should have according to your geographic location and home insulation method.

1. Do Not Measure the Area You Want to Cover

Most of the time homeowners buy a carpet because they like the colour or the design. Buying a rug without measuring the area it would cover is a big mistake. Buying over or undersized products will make the installation procedure challenging and faulty. The final result will not be satisfying.

2. Do Not Use the Right Tools

Carpet installation requires some specific tools. One must have these tools and know the proper use of the same while fitting the floor cover in a certain room. Installing it without such devices will not only damage the material but also provide you with a poor result. Tools like carpet trimmers, tack strip, glue, putty knife and seam tape are some of the essential tools.

3. Trying to Do It Yourself

Carpet fitting involves a lot of technical aspects which must be handled by experienced and trained experts. Considering this job as a DIY project is a big mistake many homeowners make. Hire experienced carpet fitters to enjoy beautiful karndean flooring in Reigate.

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