If you are planning to give your room a makeover, the first thing you should consider is the carpet. The right floor covering can uplift the mood of a tired room. A unique feature of carpet installation is that there is no right time to replace them. You will be surprised to know that just replacing the carpets can render your room a new look and feel.

Just make sure you choose the right company offering high-quality carpets. As far as its colour is concerned, there are a few factors you should consider. Choosing carpets of the right colour is more important than you think as they impact the visual appeal of a room and render it a personal touch.

3 Factors On Which The Colour Of Your Carpets Depends

1. Your Mood

Every experienced interior designer will agree with the fact that the shade or tone of a room can impact your mood. Make sure that the carpet colour is in accordance with your interiors. Creating a clash between the accent colour of your home decor and your existing wall colours is a strict no-no. Colours like oranges and reds can stimulate your mood, greens and blues will help you relax and purple bring a luxurious feeling.

2. Trending Carpet Colours

Homeowners often have a tough time deciding whether they should opt for the trending carpet colours or neutral shades. One of the main reasons why you should try to avoid the on-trend carpet colours is that what seems ‘in-fashion’ now can become boring within the next few years. Neutral carpets though being a bit dull are expected to rule for years to come. You can add a vibrant touch to your room by choosing drapes, walls, rugs, scatter cushions and blinds in accent colours.

3. Use Of The Room

Consider the amount of foot traffic a room will get before choosing the colour of the carpets in Reigate. Light coloured carpets are generally advisable in homes with a large family and where friends visit often. You should also consider the use of a room and it will help in avoiding potential discolouring of the carpet. Make sure you replace the discoloured carpets as soon as possible if you don’t want them to impact the visual appeal of your room.

Since you are now aware of the factors on which the colour of your carpets depends, it’s time you approach a reliable supplier of premium-quality carpets.