One of the primary reasons why people in Dorking prefer carpet flooring is because they provide more insulation value to a place when compared with other hard surface flooring options. They deliver thermal resistance and hold warm air longer during colder seasons. Though installing new carpet flooring in your house looks quite easy, it is actually not so. There are a few common mistakes people make when buying carpets. The easiest way you can avoid those is by planning ahead and hiring experienced carpet fitters in Dorking.

4 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying New Carpets

1. Not Considering Your Lifestyle

It is advisable to buy carpets which are resistant to stains and spills if you have pets or children in your house. Choosing a random carpet without considering the lifestyle of your family members can lead to expensive cleaning bills. It will become easier to make trapped pet hair less noticeable in your carpet if you choose a colour similar to the fur of your pet. Younger couples should choose carpets which can endure a lot of wear and high traffic.

2. Installing It Yourself

If you are one of those homeowners who think that they can save a lot of money by installing the carpet themselves instead of hiring professional carpet fitters, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Flawless carpet installation requires a lot of experience, expertise and advanced tools. Carpet fitters at Floored Again undergo training at fixed intervals to keep themselves updated with the latest flooring installation techniques.

3. Ignoring The Carpet Underlay

The durability of your carpet is largely dependent on the quality of the underlay. Even if you have a tight budget, make sure you choose the right underlay. They are specially designed to make the carpet capable of absorbing the pressure of furniture and footsteps. Investing in a strong and high-quality underlay will help you save money in the long run. They don’t require much maintenance and can last for years.

4. Not Knowing The Different Carpet Types

If you want to choose the right carpet flooring for your house, you should enhance your knowledge about the various types of carpets available in the market. The type of carpet you are planning to install in your bedroom might not be suitable for the staircase. Areas with high traffic need carpets made with thicker and durable fibres.

These being said, make sure you avoid the common mistakes stated above when buying carpets.