Tiles are most commonly used for bathroom floors. When you think of bathroom floors, carpets are the last thing that might come to your mind. However, carpets are indeed a good choice for bathroom floors. Just be sure of the type of material that you select for your carpet flooring. Most homeowners prefer carpeted bedroom floors rather than trying the same on the bathroom floors.

Professional carpet fitters in Dorking suggest that even using carpets for the bathroom floors is a feasible option. The bathroom is the place where you need to walk barefoot most of the time. Hence installing a carpet can help to improve the feel under your feet. However, make sure that using the right type of carpet as a bathroom floor will be wet most of the time. Hence, you must be alert so that your floor doesn’t get slippery.

Pros of Bathroom Carpet Floors

1. Warm and soft
Having a soft carpet in the bathroom is a blessing, especially during the winters. It saves the user from the agony of stepping onto a cold and hard floor. It becomes difficult to get out of the warm bed and step onto the cold and hard bathroom floors early in the morning. Thus, carpet floors are advantageous in such situations.

2. Non-slippery floor
Unlike tiles, carpets are clothing material; hence they prevent the bathroom floors from being slippery. If you have kids at your place, then a carpeted floor is a good option. Carpets are pieces of rugs, and hence they absorb the water from the floors easily.

3. Odourless floors
Unlike the tiles, the carpet-fitted floors will stay odourless for long hours. Even if the same gets wet, it will not produce any foul smell within the bathroom premises.

Cons of Bathroom Carpet Floors

1. Mold and dampness
Since the carpet floors soak all the water and don’t dry up automatically, hence there’s a chance of getting dampness in the bathroom, which might give rise to molds in the long run.

2. Collects bacteria
Carpets on the bathroom floors generally hold water for a long time. Thus it becomes the best place for bacteria breeding. In the long run, this can have highly damaging effects on the health of homeowners.

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